Wellington Cemetery Memorial register

Members of Wellington’s long-running history group have produced a comprehensive guide to the First World War Commonwealth War Graves and family memorials in the town’s cemetery¬†


The Cemetery at Wellington contains 13 Commonwealth War Graves from WW1, but that figure does not tell us the complete story held within this burial ground. In all there are 20 burials here that have connections to the war. Five currently have no headstone, whilst Laura May Birch and James Cartwright are buried in family graves. Yet still there is more to be found here. At a further 30 locations dotted around the older sections of
the burial ground, families included commemorations to their dead sons on family graves. In 3 cases the words remember brothers, giving us a total of 33 men remembered in this way. Included here is a spreadsheet recording those 50 graves and a map to help you to find them. It includes the biography number for those who were also remembered on the Lychgate. For 8 of the men this is their only memorial.

A gallery of photos is also included.

Wendy Palin, Wellington History Group

Wellington Cemetery contains around fifty graves and memorials with connections to the First World War